In one of the best interviews with Catherine Fitts I’ve seen yet, she joins USAWatchDog’s Greg Hunter.


She describes how in 2010-2014, when many were screaming about an imminent collapse of the dollar and the stock market, she says the reason why so many people got that wrong was because much of the necessary information to truly know what was happening was secret. She describes the US as “Choking on secrecy.”


Further, she says that the general population is much more complicit in what ails the US than we’d like to admit, because it takes an enormous amount of people to be complicit in the mortgage fraud, in the narcotics trafficking and in the money laundering; it’s very widespread. The says the cost of secrecy, of tyranny, of our oppression and of our poor education destroys so much wealth, it is absolutely head-spinning.


“The reason we globalized in such a radical and rapid way in the ’90s, with the World Trade Organization is because we wanted the human capacity of Asia to build a multiplanetary civilization. We needed 3 billion people with higher IQs than the Western world to create massive amounts of engineers to radically up our game, in terms of technology and capacity because something is going on in this planet that leads people to believe that in 100-200 years, the planet’s going to die…Is there a geophysical risk on this planet?

“You’ve had Dane Wigington on; he’s talked about the global spraying. Why in the world are they doing global sprayings? It’s basically making the whole planet toxic. Are they just doing it so they could do weather warfare? Are they doing it because they’re trying to extend the life of the planet? I don’t know the answer but that’s the one big question, here. Why did we do a radical move to radically increase the speed at which we could become a multi-planet, planetary civilization? What’s the rush?


“…after Kennedy was assassinated…I believe they took the space program dark and it’s continued – at least the funding, if not more – and to do that, you’ve had to build a whole world of underground bases. If you look at the underground bases and transportation systems they’ve built, you know, it’s pretty impressive. We HAVE been spending money on infrastructure in the United States, we just can’t see it!


“I watched the world go nuts in the beginning of the ’90s…radical changes of policies…all designed to coalesce huge amounts of money under central control and do secret projects…”

As for China, they now represent serious competition. With their increasing control of the sea lanes in the South China Sea, they are beginning to pose a serious challenge to the primacy of the US dollar.


“What Trump is saying is, ‘We’re financing somebody who’s now moving to take away our reserve currency status and our military supremacy and we’re basically financing that…and that’s got to stop.’ That’s why he’s moving the manufacturing back to the US and why the squabble in the South China Sea is so important.”

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