Flu shot sends man to the hospital, unable to see, speak or breathe

Flu shot sends man to the hospital, unable to see, speak or breathe

Le vaccin contre la grippe envoie un homme à l'hôpital, incapable de voir, de parler ou de respirer



Image: Flu shot lands man in hospital, unable to speak, walk, see or even BREATHE


(Natural News) This true story of a flu shot landing a man in the hospital is going viral via

A Las Vegas man lost his vision, became partially paralyzed and has been unable to breathe without assistance since getting a flu shot last month.

Shane Morgan and his wife Monique decided to get flu shots on November 2, believing it would help protect them and young family members ahead of the busy holiday season.


But what they thought was a pro-active measure turned to horror when Shane began losing feeling in his arms and legs.

“About 36-hours after he got the flu shot he started to get sick,” Monique explained to KSNV.

“I never dreamed that any of this could ever happen,” Shane told local media.


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Gabby Hart@GabbyNews3LV
A Las Vegas Man lost his ability to walk, speak & see days after getting the #FluShot Doctors diagnosed him w/ Guillain-Barre syndrome a.k.a GBS. His family says the Flu shot triggered it & the CDC confirms a link, calling it extremely rare. Tune into @News3LV @ 6 for more.1:45 AM - Dec 1, 2018

Monique blames the flu shot for triggering the adverse reaction, which has left Shane in need of a ventilator and a feeding tube.

“It’s the last time anyone in my family will ever get one,” she said, adding Shane would rather have the flu “ten to one” than suffer the debilitating disorder.

Despite Shane’s horrific vaccine injury, a Nevada health official interviewed by KSNV still encouraged people to get the flu shot, saying Guillain-Barré Syndrome is a “rare” condition.

Guillain-Barré Syndrome, or GBS, has also been reported in patients who received the whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine, Gardasil (HPV), and M-M-R II injections, to name a few.

GoFundMe page has been created seeking donations to help the Morgan family.

See for more true stories of the extreme damage caused by vaccines.

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