Le danger pour l'humanité des piles avec cobalt de Tesla + vidéo

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Fukushima -Cobalt-60 Factory - Tim Rifat - Jeff rense


Tim Rifat is the most vocal expert in the explaining of the cobalt bomb.


Mr. Rifat has not been treated the most cordial by the British as within the past year, they raided his home, and attempted to commit to an insane asylum for the rest of his days in retaliation from the British Royals for some rather creative photos of the Royals with commentary on a site he was affiliated with.

That stated Mr. Rifat has been educating the public for sometime from the hinterlands of the absolutely horrific dangers of cobalt bombs. To put it plainly, the cobalt bomb is the scorched earth of ending the world in extermination type event.

While Mr. Rifat has hinted of the dangers, no one has really explained the lethality in an Einstein type education of the public, because the real problem of the cobalt bomb, is not that a nation would require making one.


I will repeat this so you understand this, the real problem of the cobalt bomb is no enemy nation would ever need to make one, because America has tons of the element stockpiled in every Hillary Clinton voting area, every Democratic voting state, and each of you is in possession of cobalt, because it is in your batteries, and all of these Obama green  energy facilities are all stocked with cobalt for the lithium batteries which power the mobile world.

To begin this, let us do some math, simple math. Most of you live within distance of a city with at least 200,000 people. In that city are laptops, cell phones etc... If there is only one half ounce of cobalt in those batteries, that would be 200 thousand ounces of cobalt, or 12,500 pounds of cobalt. That is over 2 tonnes of cobalt ready in a hydrogen bomb detonation to a radiation which would kill for over 5 years.

Example of what a few grams of stolen cobalt 60 did to robbers in Mexico.

Mexican Cobalt-60 robbers are DEAD MEN, say authorities

Mexican Cobalt-60 robbers are DEAD ... be fatal to be close to this amount of unshielded radioactive ... dangerous as it penetrates the human body easily ...

Understand in this, that this is not Tim Rifat's airborne dust, but this was solid cobalt 60 and it still was killing people with only a few hours of exposure to it. Even the detonation of a "small" hydrogen bomb adds that neutron to cobalt 59 and converts it to cobalt 60 and all of those batteries become toxic.

Of course numbers will become vaporized, and that ash then becomes Mr. Rifat's dust cloud or human pesticide like a crop duster with a plume killing everything for hundreds if not thousands of miles, and when it rains or snows, literally creating hot spots where death would only require minutes of exposure.

In doing some background research on this, we can find that the Tesla cars are seeding themselves across green America, and all of these rich Californians by their liberal dictators are like the small pox blankets of years ago in locating all through cities toxic waste dumps the minute some one that President Trump has been threatening moves a suitcase h bomb into that city or location.

Some will become dust, others will simply absorb the neutron and be like cyanide pills waiting to kill for over 5 years any living thing with blood that goes near these vehicles.

The sales total for Q1-2015 is a good one for Tesla, given that it squeaked into five-figure territory, and would imply annual sales of at least 40,000.
That's a higher total than the 33,000 cars delivered last year.
The Tesla Model X electric crossover utility is still slated to start production before the end of this year.
That could allow the company to achieve its goal of producing 1,000 vehicles a week by the end of this year.

It is certain that most of these Tesla cars in Silicon Valley or the gated celebrity communities. Hollywood literally will become Death Valley due to the green cars there and one h bomb detonation.

For new Teslas, about 45% of the nation’s sales are in California, while Florida takes about 7.3%.

Again in research, there is a troubling reality that apparently those advisers of the President like HR McMaster are not informing the President of, that America manufactures batteries in numerous locations, meaning there are concentrations of raw cobalt 59 stockpiled in most of the populated states in America, because that is where the jobs are rewarded to.
The instant that a h bomb detonation takes place in any of these cities, that cobalt converts to a toxin which will exterminate all in that city, and everything downwind for that location for at least 1000 miles.

Battery manufacturers in the United States.

Top 10 Lithium Battery Manufacturers 

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in California

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Connecticut

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Florida

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Georgia

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Illinois

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Indiana

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Maryland

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Massachusetts

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Minnesota

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Missouri

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Nevada

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in New Jersey

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in New York

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in North Carolina

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Ohio

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Oregon

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Pennsylvania

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Texas

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Virginia

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Wisconsin

The arrogant urban areas with all of their Chamber of Commerce and wealthy who only donate to themselves, and they have amongst them the seeds of their doom.

Again in simply reading articles on this, I came across a New York Times archive of 1981 in Idaho, with this most interesting education, that military jets contain huge amounts of cobalt in them, far greater than cell phones. Again, it is a reality that when a strike comes on America, that it will include military bases, and 20 fighter jets would have almost a tonne of cobalt for a dust cloud in vaporization, as they would be ground zero.

He said about 80 pounds of cobalt go into an F-16 fighter and that Noranda's mine, near Salmon, could provide about a third of the nation's annual needs.
The United States now imports about 95 percent of its cobalt from Zaire and Zambia.

Again the above reveals this cobalt is being shipped to America by ships, and that would mean every US port, including the Great Lakes have quantities which any enemy of the United States would track and perhaps enhance the shipment of, as every nation has this knowledge, but for some reason it appears the President of the United States is unaware of the danger which America faces, as his advisers have not educated him on this.

I realize that some of you are still thinking this is not that bad in you might slip through, but in researching this in batteries, fighter jets, it appears that passenger jets have military like engines too, which would point to every major carrier facility having this same type of cobalt capacity.

The 737 Classic series featured CFM56 turbofan engines, which yielded significant gains in fuel economy and a reduction in noise  
 The CFM International CFM56 (U.S. military designation F108) series is a family of high-bypass turbofan aircraft engines made by CFM International (CFMI), with a thrust range of 18,500 to 34,000 pounds-force (82 to 150 kilonewtons). CFMI is a 50–50 joint-owned company of Safran Aircraft Engines (formerly known as SNECMA), France, and GE Aviation (GE), United States.

Cobalt-60 - Wikipedia

Cobalt-6060 Co, is a synthetic radioactive isotope of cobalt with a half-life of 5.2714 years. ... After entering a living mammal (such as a human being), some of ...

But then in research online, the sources indicate that there is a great deal of scrap work in the United States too and refineries, including a new 165 square mile facility being built by Tesla, so it simply appears there really are few locations in America which are not candidates for human pesticide centers.

Cobalt refineries and cobalt scrap or the 165 square mile Reno Nevada Tesla battery center to the United States government stockpile

What is most interesting in this, is that the cobalt traders seeding this all through America and Europe, are the same oligarchs who have signed onto the depopulation efforts of the world. A most interesting reality in the same death traders robbing you blind in inflation, are the same death traders creating these toxic zones to eradicate millions of you, after your money is all gone.'

On a daily basis, you hear about revolutionary names in industry, from Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) for EVs and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.A) for investing brilliance to billionaire investor George Soros, who boosted his mining shares this year, including a $264-million stake in Barrick Gold Corp (NYSE:ABX).
Tisdale’s Scientific Metals (TSX:STM.VOTC:SCTFF) acquired the Idaho Iron Creek Project in September, with historic estimates (currently being updated) and encouraging indications that there may be up to 10 million tons of cobalt on the property. This historical exploratory work included 30,000 feet of diamond drilling.Next door to STM is the only other cobalt property in the US that is slated to come into production, with an estimated 3 million-plus tons of .55 percent cobalt.
With global demand for cobalt set to exceed supply this year and beyond, cobalt is a commodity that warrants investor attention. Tesla’s $5-billion battery gigafactory will have doubled the world’s battery production capacity by the end of this year, and its demand has just started.

It would be advisable for American leadership to deal with these cobalt stockpiles in securing them, and to put an end to this green energy which includes cobalt batteries. It is also a necessary expenditure to bunker these jets in the civilian and military models.
It would also be highly advisable as the President appears to twitter a war of nuclear proportions every 6 weeks, that an emergency national program of individual survival shelters be implement to protect Americans.

The time for shrugging shoulders and giving the benefit of the doubt is over. Americans, the individuals require protection and for once a cessation of the "green saves" the planet, when in the above, green energy is setting the process for an extinction event of planet earth.

Everyone focuses on the atomic bombs, but no one is warning of the green energy contaminants which are the kryptonite to the human population for an extermination event.

Before the President due to his Trumpenfuror or HR McMasters loves the John McCain or Bush fam nuclear war one step closer to a conflict that is simmering, the above must be addressed as there is not any turning back from cobalt 60.

The Extinction Event of Planet Earth


Editors Note: This will be a stand alone post.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In 1939, the German expatriot, Albert Einstein, sent a correspondence to President Franklin Roosevelt explaining that the work of Americans Fermi and Szilard had convinced Mr. Einstein that a new type of energy was becoming available, and that this energy would produce an explosive device of incredible power.

Einstein-Szilárd letter - Wikipedia

When they explained about the possibility of atomic bombs, Einstein... the President would give the letter ... Einstein sent two more letters to Roosevelt ...
In the course of the last four months it has been made probable through the work of Joliot in France as well as Fermi and Szilard in America--that it may be possible to set up a nuclear chain reaction in a large mass of uranium, by which vast amounts of power and large quantities of new radium-like elements would be generated. Now it appears almost certain that this could be achieved in the immediate future. This new phenomenon would also lead to the construction of bombs,

The device Mr. Einstein was speaking of was the atomic bomb, and the threat it would become in the hands on one national power projecting it. Einstein was concerned of National Socialist Germany, in the 1939 window of the Reich reacquiring it's traditional Greater German Empire which it had been divested of after World War I, or the Great European War.

What was soon enough discovered a short time later, was that with key elements the atomic bomb, could be made of plutonium, and in this it could become the primer as in a cannon, for an even greater explosion which would be termed the thermonuclear hydrogen bomb, of almost endless energy release.

In this in later years, there was always whispered into the 1970's, with radiation treatment for cancer patients, another bomb, along with the Neutron Bomb, and that was the Cobalt Bomb.

While the Neutron was simply akin to a microwave oven in radiating humans to death while leaving cities standing, the Cobalt was a different creation entirely, as the Cobalt was a human pesticide bomb, which required an atomic primer, a hydrogen or fusion bomb reaction, would have surrounding it the element cobalt 59, but in the chain reaction of the hydrogen, the cobalt would pick up an additional neutron by fusion, and in this form become one of the most deadly human pesticides on the planet.

27 protons, 27 electrons, and 33 neutrons. 

27 protons, 27 electrons, and 32 neutrons.
That extra neutron is deadly as this form of cobalt is radioactive for 5 1/4 years with lethal affects on all life forms which carry blood.

In the past year, President Vladimir Putin of Russia in order to warn off Obama, Bush and Clinton, deliberately revealed a cobalt torpedo which would produce a radioactive tidal wave, over any place which held water. The intended message was American ports.

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