Six different insider sources have confirmed that several spy satellites and computer systems for the Deep State have been blinded… in a stunning attack.

There is widespread agreement among these insider sources that some sort of major, visible action against this genocidal, globalist entity is now impending.

Three of these insider sources are only speaking to us at this time, at least in terms of any public figures they communicate with.

One of these sources is conveying the shared wisdom of five different military “units” of up to eight personnel each.

The code names of the now-disabled satellites are Snow White, Corona and Big Bird, followed by a one or two-digit number.

These covert satellites were apparently the communications backbone of the Cabal / New World Order / Illuminati / Deep State.


This mass shut-down of spy satellites appears to be a move that paves the way for swift actions that the Deep State cannot predict in advance.

This may come in the form of the unsealing of a whopping fifty-one thousand, seven hundred and one sealed indictments, and the arresting of the suspects therein.

Clear evidence also suggests that these perpetrators will be subject to military, not civilian, trials — meaning the proceedings will not drag out over ten or twenty years.

This is something all of us really need to think about and get clear on now, before any future data dumps that may throw us into emotional trauma.

Since the highest-level offenders will likely be prosecuted in DC, this mass event may come to be known as the Washington Trials, in homage to the Nuremberg Trials.

Now that these mass arrests may finally be imminent — after eleven years of reporting on this issue — this may be the most significant article we have written here in quite some time.


[UPDATE, 4:10 PM NEXT DAY, 9/9:

 This article hit 100,000 views in less than 19 hours, effectively a new record. It is definitely getting attention. See the end of Part Three for details.]

[UPDATE II, 7:36 PM 9/9: Q just said “Something VERY BIG is about to drop.”]

[UPDATE III, 9:57 AM 9/10: Fulford’s latest intel suggests the new FISA drop will reveal 9/11 Truth. Scroll to end of Part III for details.]



Our insider sources have been prognosticating “Mass Arrests” on this website since 2008, as we will delineate. Those same sources are among the groups saying it is now finally imminent.

Prophetic statements that can be audited with time-stamped records show that intuitive data predicting these arrests was coming in as early as 1999.

The Washington Trials may also pave the way for disclosure of classified UFO-related secrets in the aftermath, as our sources have been saying all along.

If this turns out to be true, now would be a good time to make sure you have emergency food and water on hand, as well as extra toilet paper. That is an important point.

There may be a temporary power blackout of up to two weeks in duration, as well as a freeze on travel, as the arrests take place.

Whether you believe this or not, and whether you appreciate the Alliance or not, we must not be blinded to the fact that an event of this size and scope could indeed happen.

Instead of saying this intel is definitely real, we will simply present the information we have gathered to you, and let you draw your own conclusions.

There have certainly been many “false alarms,” but that doesn’t mean these 51,000 indictments are just going to sit on the books indefinitely.

I consider it an emergency that I needed to write this, ASAP, despite being in an area with very bad internet access, if it even works at all. You will see why I feel that way.




If you had multiple clear signs that an event significantly bigger than 9/11 was coming, and you had the public platform to warn people, would you do it?

This article represents my own answer to that question.

On September 11th, 2001, 2,996 people died. Another six thousand people were injured — in an event that rocked the world, and changed our socio-political landscape forever.

Wars were declared on Iraq and Afghanistan, and were fought by a multi-national coalition in Operation Desert Shield.

The USA PATRIOT act choked American freedoms, and US airports filled up with ominous-looking body scanners and invasive TSA pat-downs.

A total of 8,996 lives were irreversibly affected by 9/11, either as direct casualties or injuries.

As of August 31st, 2018, the number of documented sealed indictments within the US court system, based on official records, is up to an astonishing 51,701.

This is not “fake news,” nor a “conspiracy theory.” It is a documented political fact — easily confirmed with government judicial databases.

The normal amount of sealed indictments for any given year is just over 1000.



Many of these indictments may carry the death penalty when they become unsealed. This is not my personal recommendation or desire — it is an inference from the available intel.

Q Anon has now indicated that these cases will be prosecuted by military tribunals and court martials, not civilian courts.

The scope of many of the crimes that will be exposed will be utterly sickening to people.

There will be stories about the suppression of free speech, social media manipulation and the deliberate writing of “fake news,” but that’s nothing.

Some stories will be horrific enough that they will likely go way beyond the minimum legal requirements for capital punishment.

Dr. Michael Salla’s latest article, released September 6th, 2018, contains a must-see analysis from Q Anon data that definitely suggests this will be a mass military trial.

Amendments were passed to the Manual for Military Courts-Martial in 2018 that make this possible, among other legal maneuvers.

Corey Goode’s trusted insiders also reported last week that military courts were being formed, and would work in conjunction with the Department of Justice and Attorney Generals at the state level.



Our intel is also saying that new data dumps are very imminent that could be far worse than anything we have seen already, including the so-called Pizzagate documents.

Q Anon is one source that teased at this by encoding the word DECLAS, or Declassify, into two enigmatic posts about Congress recently, followed by statements about shining light on darkness.

I have had many, many dreams over the years saying we should not demonize all Deep State operatives and go on a witch hunt with torches and pitchforks.

The events of 9/11 so deeply traumatized the American public that there was almost unilateral support for immediate, fierce, deadly wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is all too easy for good people to get caught up in a frenzy of blood lust when they are hit with sudden, major, incredibly threatening new traumas.

Therefore, I do think it is important for us to emotionally prepare ourselves to hear some very upsetting and sickening information, first off.

Second off, all of us need to be careful that we, as a collective, do not blindly support an endless succession of death penalties for whatever the charges may be.

Even if these are publicized military tribunals, I would hope we don’t see everyone cheering for one death after another like a Roman coliseum.



At the whopping, unprecedented count of 51,701 sealed indictments, this number is 17.25 times larger than the casualty count of 9/11.

That’s an event that is fully one thousand, seven hundred and twenty-five percent bigger than 9/11, if you count the arrested as casualties.

Even if you include the people who were injured in 9/11, the sealed indictments are still 5.7 times larger — or 570 percent — than the number of lives affected by 9/11.

It is possible that the information that will be declassified will also feel like a far greater attack and threat against America than the one we faced in 9/11.

This evil group penetrated far more deeply into the basic fabric of our society than most people would have ever dared to imagine in their worst nightmares.

The people who haven’t done their homework, and haven’t wanted to believe any of the worst stuff, will have gut-wrenching, sleepless, suicidal depression and rage when they find out the truth.

These are all very important points to consider.



It is an ironic historical fact that Soviet premier Josef Stalin, as well as US President Roosevelt, joked about executing 50,000 German officers for Nazi atrocities in WWII.

Stalin’s original figure was 50 to 100,000 officers at the Triparte Dinner Meeting at the Tehran Conference in 1943, at which time Roosevelt joked that maybe 49,000 would do.

Later, on February 4th, 1945, Roosevelt said he hoped that Marshal Stalin would again propose a toast to the execution of 50,000 officers of the German Army.

However, the total number of post-World War II trials of Nazi Germans were only 200 at Nuremberg, which got the highest-level criminals.

Another 1600 were prosecuted through traditional channels of military justice.

That all adds up to a mere 1800 indictments for the whole of Nazi atrocities after their stunning war machine was defeated in World War II.

At 51,701 sealed indictments, the Washington Trials will be 28.72 times larger than the Nazi trials, or two thousand, eight hundred and seventy-two percent bigger than the Nazi prosecutions after World War II.

Try to imagine the scope of crimes that are, by statistical definition, nearly three thousand percent greater than what the Nazis were held accountable for after World War II.

This is a shadow World War III that is being fought at a scope far beyond what most people could ever even imagine.



As Salla’s analyses and Goode’s data suggest, there will likely be military tribunals in all 50 US states once this happens.

However, we can also expect that the highest-level criminals from the legislative and executive branches will be prosecuted in Washington, DC.

The Soviets had requested that the Nazi trials take place in the German capital of Berlin.

Since Nuremberg was where the Nazi party had originated, and it still had a sizable courthouse that was undamaged by bombing, unlike Berlin, the trials were held there.

In this case there has been no bombing, and there should be sufficient space for the highest-level trials in various buildings in DC, such as Congress.

Therefore, although no one can truly predict what this event will be called, we can reasonably assume it may come to be known as the Washington Trials.



The Washington Trials name also embodies the spirit of the original revolution against tyranny that George Washington spearheaded, and thus carries archetypal power.

I do support the idea of criminals facing justice. I just hope we see plenty of prison sentences and not simply a revolving door of death penalties.

If we support a kangaroo court death-machine, we are adopting the very behaviors of the perpetrators we have sought to distance ourselves from.

Most likely the Alliance is planning on there being many prison sentences. Some of our intel has described the expansion and refurbishing of places like Guatanamo for this purpose.

I do also believe in the power of granting amnesty to those who become heroes, and help expose the deeper roots of the problem.

If someone truly wants to do the right thing, they should be able to go back to a relatively ordinary life, with monitoring to ensure they do not commit further offenses.

The many, many resignations and firings reported by Q Anon seem to represent a large number of folks who have already chosen this path.



Many independent journalists are covering this soon-to-be epic story without really understanding what a sealed indictment really is, or how it comes about.

Sealed indictments are often used to prosecute organized crime rings. They represent very serious criminal charges.

High security is needed due to the fearsome power of these corrupt organizations to prevent themselves from being arrested.

The members of the criminal cartel are unaware that a complex operation is being conducted against them until they all get arrested at once — in a surprise sting attack.



In my own hometown, over fifty drug dealers in Schenectady, New York were nabbed in a massive, coordinated operation in one night, on November 18th, 1993.

A huge group of over 500 cops, along with dozens of dogs, cop cars and helicopters, all gathered at about 2:30 AM in the parking lot of Schenectady County Community College.

They grabbed everyone while they were most apt to be asleep — in the wee “morning” hours just before sunrise.

This surprising event was covered in the New York Times, as follows:

11/18/93: Series of Drug Raids Focus on Street Level

Police officers made more than 50 drug arrests at houses and street corners throughout this city today in a series of early-morning raids.

About 500 officers from seven state police troops and the Schenectady Police Department made the mass arrests of street-level dealers in an attempt to choke off the city’s growing drug trade, said Thomas Constantine, the Superintendent of the state police.

“There has been an increasing migration of drug dealers from New York City, and this is exacerbated because all of these cities have their local people involved in drug traffic,” Mr. Constantine said.

“And as the two groups come together, there’s a great deal of violence.”



A friend of mine who lived in the Stockade area of Schenectady knew some of the people who were rounded up and captured that night.

These people had visited my friend occasionally, though he did not do drugs. He was a very social guy. We were working on an independent music album together that summer.

One of our songs was a rocker called “She’s Driving Me Crazy,” about a troubled girl who had started dating one of the drug dealers and kept running to my friend for emotional support.

The lyrics included, “She leaves an awful message, yelling at the phone. She’s dialing all day now. So scared. Scared of being ALONE…. Whoaa…. She’s Driving Me Crazy!!!”

I had just gotten sober from all mind-altering substances a year before, on September 21st, 1992.

My friend had worried that cars parked outside his house were watching him in the months leading up to the big bust — and he was right.

His drug friends were talking about seeing these parked cars in various other places as well, and getting strange feelings from them.

The female inspiration for “She’s Driving Me Crazy” was another one of the paranoid folks who kept saying how scared she was from seeing these creepy cars.

I observed one of the parked cars myself while we were working on our music. A man was sitting quietly inside of it, trying to look innocuous.



For some stupid reason, my friend was growing two scrawny little marijuana plants in a closet at the time, even though he didn’t smoke weed.

Some of these same “friends” had given him the seeds and encouraged him to try growing them into plants, “for fun.”

I had a very bad feeling about it. “What if that guy is out there because of you? Look, man, in my view you’d better start thinking the unthinkable. Right now.”

I told him he needed to harvest the plants immediately — which he did, with my help, that very day. I don’t know what he did with the leaves thereafter.

The problem was that if you got busted with pot plants, the cops weighed all of the soil as well as the plants themselves.

Thus, a couple of puny little saplings could quickly turn into a felony-level drug bust involving pounds of marijuana — on the books.

You could end up doing serious prison time for growing a little bag of “dirt weed” that wouldn’t be enough to get a hummingbird high.

In today’s world, with a majority of states having legalized it to varying degrees, this all may sound a bit quaint — but it was very serious at the time.



Just three months after we finished our album, the big sweep was made.

An incredible amount of secret work, over many months of time, went into making this mass arrest happen. My friend was left alone, as was the dealer’s girlfriend. Her fears of abandonment came true.

It is possible that if he hadn’t listened to my advice, he could have had a good part of his life ruined from the resulting arrests.

This personal event may be part of why I have no trouble envisioning a much larger mass arrest. Even though this has never been done before, it is at least theoretically possible.



If it took 500 officers from eight different police divisions to successfully round up 50 armed drug dealers, it may take half a million personnel to grab fifty thousand criminals all at once.

Furthermore, the Schenectady sting was all done in a few hours. The leaked plans for mass arrests suggest it could take nine days, or even up to two weeks.

This would give time for the same teams of operatives to pounce on multiple locations within a relatively short time window.

Let’s say it took about five days instead of one. In that case, you may only need 100,000 personnel instead of 500,000.

Bear in mind that I have been getting high-quality briefings — for years now — about huge covert teams that are already in position for this purpose.

They are living and working in plainclothes, but all they have been doing with the majority of their time is training for these operations.

This includes countless drills where they have exact layouts of the buildings they will be entering and what rooms they will target.

Security on these teams is absolute. They are very dedicated to the cause. That is why there have been no leaks of any significance about it.



In a planet with seven billion people, and many millions of soldiers internationally, we should not presume that such an operation is “impossible.”

It certainly could be done. It would just involve an extraordinary amount of covert communication as part of a joint, international exercise, just like the various police districts that converged in Schenectady.

In the final stages before the arrests, you would need to cut off the communications systems of the enemy. That appears to be what has just happened as of August 30th with the satellites.

Again, we will go through detailed coverage of what each briefing source said about these new developments in Part Three.

The briefings are consistent enough that I feel we need to take the risk and talk about this, even if it still ends up being delayed even longer.

For the people involved in carrying out these operations, the very future of humanity is at stake — and they are willing to risk everything, including their own lives, to save the planet.

I agree that these mass arrests need to be done, and remind you that we as a collective can help to ensure that it is carried out ethically.



In order to grasp how significant it is to have fifty-one thousand sealed indictments on the books, some additional explanation is necessary.

Each sealed indictment must be produced by a secret grand jury, convened for the occasion.

This is no minor accomplishment, as we will see.

The secret grand jury hears evidence and, if convinced by the information, it files a sealed order for the pending arrest of the accused.

No one can see who is named in the order until it becomes unsealed.

This work can all be done on paper, so electronic surveillance won’t work either.

For this same reason, I imagine these secret grand juries are being held in SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) rooms.

These rooms are completely impenetrable to any type of surveillance, satellite-based, electronic or otherwise.



For this same reason, it is very likely that the Cabal has no idea what kind of a hellstorm is waiting for them inside those indictments.

The ‘discovery’ process is going to be very rough, and will happen all at once — hence the nature of mass, sealed indictments.

The Alliance was fully ready to do the arrests last year, only to have a wealth of new intel come in that dramatically expanded the operation. More on this in Part Three.

Bear in mind that one witness like Harvey Weinstein could give sworn confessions that could lead to dozens, if not hundreds of new secret grand jury trials and sealed indictments.

Weinstein definitely appeared to signal that he was going to rat out his colleagues by carrying a biography of Elia Kazan with him into his initial arrest on May 25th:



Here is what the Hollywood Reporter had to say about it:

5/25: Weinstein Carries Elia Kazan Bio Into Arrest: Is He Going to Rat Them Out?

A celebrated theater and film director, Kazan was a seven-time Oscar nominee for his films Gentleman’s AgreementA Streetcar Named DesireOn the Waterfront, East of Eden and America America, winning the best director Oscar in 1955 for Waterfront.

But late, in the Hollywood blacklist era, [Kazan] was called before the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1952 and became a cooperative witness by naming names, he also became a pariah in liberal circles….

Since Kazan named names to save his own career, is Weinstein signaling, as he prepares for the court battles ahead, that he won’t go down without a fight and is prepared to take others down with him as well?



In case you are not familiar with this history, 1950-54 was the so-called McCarthy era, headed by Sen. Joe McCarthy from Wisconsin.

The idea was that the Soviet Union was trying to infiltrate America through political and media circles, and distribute Communist propaganda.

This was deeply upsetting to a jittery American public, who was just five years away from the devastation of World War II when McCarthy gave his initial speech in February 1950.

In this speech, McCarthy said he had a list of “members of the Communist Party and members of a spy ring” that had infiltrated the State Department.

Multiple Hollywood figures were targeted as secret Communist sympathizers. For its time, this was a very serious investigation.

Elia Kazan “sang like a songbird” and was personally responsible for many of his colleagues getting arrested and losing their careers.

According to journalists like G. Edward Griffin, the term “Communist” was really just a cover for the so-called Illuminati, Deep State or Cabal.

The Cabal does have its roots in an area of Russia known as Khazaria, around the Caspian Sea Basin — hence the often-seen term Khazarians.

Since Hollywood films routinely use visual symbolism, such as for foreshadowing, Weinstein may well have been tipping us off about his intentions by carrying the Kazan book.



Seven weeks later, in an interview from July 13th, Weinstein implied that “everyone” in Hollywood was doing the same thing he was doing.

Clearly, he was very unhappy for being “singled out.” At least that’s how he appeared to be thinking about it at the time.

Take a look, and notice the possibly intentional suggestion of the hand position in the cartoon of the man holding the drink:



This link and text was copied into my browser at the time, but the title and link was soon changed. The sentences I quoted here were later removed from the article, along with a few others.

So let’s read them:

7/13: Weinstein Says Everyone Trades Sex for Favors in Hollywood

[Weinstein said,] “Yes, I did offer them acting jobs in exchange for sex, but so did and still does everyone. But I never, ever forced myself on a single woman.”…

Hollywood has always treated women like dirt. In my book, the one that got caught should not pay for the rest of the bums that make these horrible films of today.