An artist's 3D model of the Salyut 7.

An artist’s 3D model of the Salyut 7.

PDD2(Assumption 1 : The hologram technique already existed. The fact that the apparition disappeared after a few minutes may mean that Salyut 7 was no longer in the transmission range from the earth. To support this theory, it would be necessary to know exactly where above the earth was Salyut at the very moment of the two incidents.)

PDD2(Assumption 2 : after  RV group Target # 11 (1102 - 2019) failling to find any infos, this is a very interesting point that deserves an investigation: what is the origin of this blockage? Because it's very odd that the entire RV team was in front of a wall. The phenomenon Salyut 7 appeared in Russia, and as we know, the Russians were far ahead in psy-RV etc. The blockage could have been imposed by excellent influencers ???)


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In July 1984, on board a Soviet space station, one of the strangest sightings of cosmic phenomena occurred. The event witnessed not by a single person, but six individuals all claiming to have seen the same thing. What’s more, these events happened on two separate occasions, removing the possibility they were victims of some freak visual occurrence.


According to the cosmonauts on board the Salyut 7, huge “angel-like” manifestations were present outside their craft. They were floating above the Earth and swimming through the eternal ocean of space. These humanoid creatures had distinctive wings, and faces that housed a “peaceful expression!” They even projected overall feelings of peace and tranquillity among the crew members.


The account, although seeing news coverage at the time, only really came to light in a fuller manner at the end of the Cold War. Indeed, it was while the world witnessed a major Soviet propaganda victory in the space race that these events played out quietly in the background.


Various theories have developed over the years, ranging from the reasonable all the way to the outrageous (depending on perspective). While some believe the experience to be nothing more than a bizarre hallucination, others believe in a more divine answer. Some even claim these strange beings to be nothing less than actual angels. What’s more, they also claim they are here to announce the end of the world.

The Salyut 7 Incident

Launched in April 1982, the Salyut 7 Space Station locked into Earth’s orbit soon after. The intention was of conducting various scientific experiments in space. The initial crew consisted of Soviet cosmonauts, Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovyov and Oleg Atkov (who served as a cardiologist).


Three months into its third year above the planet, the mission had begun to experience a multitude of system failures. This understandably unnerved the crew somewhat, although they didn’t appear to be in any danger and proceeded with the mission.

The first strange sighting occurred on 12th July 1984. Out of nowhere a strange but bright “orange cloud”, seemed to envelop the entire space station.


At first, they believed there must have been an explosion and consequently the orange glow was, in fact, a fire. Investigation proved this not to be the case.


Bright orange cloud.

Bright orange cloud.

The three cosmonauts rushed to the portholes, almost blind from the brightness that flooded into the space station. When their eyes finally adjusted, each of them could clearly see huge “angels” outside the ship.


The cosmonauts stated the angels had a wingspan akin to the size of 747 jets, and were eighty feet tall. One later report stated that the entities appeared to acknowledge their presence inside the space station, even smiling at them. In all, there were seven of these celestial entities.


The men stood mesmerized by what they were seeing for ten minutes.

Then the “angels” disappeared, as quickly and as quietly as they had arrived.

The Return

Following the docking of the Soyuz T-12 with the Salyut 7 on 17th July, five days after the strange sighting, three more cosmonauts – Vladimir Dzhanibekov, Svetlana Savitskaya, and Igor Volk – boarded the space station.


In a bizarre side-story to the events that were unfolding, the launch of the T-12 was down to the Soviet government wanting to score a propaganda victory over the United States in the escalating space race of the 1980s.


NASA’s announcement in 1983 that they would make astronaut, Kathryn Sullivan the first woman to complete a spacewalk began things. Hearing this, the Soviets immediately set their sights on such an achievement. The mission directive was to ensure that Savitskaya would complete a successful spacewalk before the Americans.


And so being the first woman in history to do so and scoring a major Soviet propaganda victory. Incidentally, she achieved this eight days after docking with the Salyut 7, on 25th July 1984.

You can see a very short clip of this feat below.


VIDEO: The first women to walk in space Svetlana Savitskaya 1984



While this was unfolding, however, behind the scenes the mysterious angels returned. This time all six of the cosmonauts witnessed them together. The events were largely the same as the first time they appeared.


They again reported the sightings to the mission control superiors on the ground.

Again the reports spoke of these strange glowing angel-like creatures seemingly being aware of the crew – even smiling at them. As before, after several minutes of encircling the space station, they peacefully disappeared into the vastness of space.

The short video below looks at the sightings of the Soviet cosmonauts.


VIDEO: Astronauts See Angels? The Salyut 7 Encounter


Mass Hallucinations?

Although there is no hard conclusive science to back it up any more than your standard UFO or alien theory, the Salyut 7 incident was chalked up by most to a mass-hallucination. A single cosmonaut hallucinating is one thing. To have six people on two separate occasions each share that same hallucination is unlikely at best.


Each of the cosmonauts was subject to intense and prolonged examinations upon their return to Earth. These were both physical and mental in nature. All passed these examinations and procedures convincingly. In short, there is nothing to indicate or prove that what they saw was a hallucination.


Nor was there any suggestion, or reason to suggest, that the incident was a collective lie by the Soviets.

Ultimately, however, the accounts of the cosmonauts and the incident itself, has largely come together from released reports and research. Although the incident did make the international news, there was no real seriousness in the reports – the incident soon forgotten.


In more recent years with the rise of the Internet, the story has spread much further. It is however sometimes difficult to extract the exact events from the hearsay in such cases. There are claims of NASA whistle-blowers who state that these “angels” regularly appear in photographs of the Hubble telescope. Others go further, claiming that the Vatican is not only aware of these beings, but are involved in covering them up.


Even as recently as 2008, an anonymous spacecraft operator from the Kennedy Space Center stated he witnessed a “large alien” standing in the payload bay of a space shuttle.

As bizarre as some of these claims might be, they make for some interesting theories.

The Watchers Of Biblical Times?

Many ancient writings and holy books speak openly about angels and those who acted as messengers for “God”. To those who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory, these angels were actually aliens.


One ancient tale, in particular, is that of the fallen angels, who were cast down to Earth. Some consider these “angels” to be The Watchers, who perhaps feature most prominently in the Book of Enoch.


While it is a stretch admittedly that this might be the case, it is an interesting point to consider.

Perhaps even more so when many alien and paranormal investigators consistently speaking of a connection between “energy” and strange phenomena.

Although the seven angels witnessed by the Soviet cosmonauts had very distinct features, they essentially appeared out of nowhere.

They then vanished into nowhere, as if they were an energy force that manifested itself perhaps?

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